Love the complexity of something that sounds so simple. People Love each other, love is friends, love is family, love is passion and happiness, love is funny love don’t choose a time, a day, a moment, but will be in all. Love doesn’t have measures, love is not heavy. Love hurts but we love and we want to be loved!
What happens when you don’t understand love anymore? When it is hidden behind little daily tasks when the pressure of being better hits your life. The changes you go through, the feeling of loneliness even when you know you are not alone in the path, but you definitely alone in your mind, in your feelings in your change! Nothing will ever be as before, love will keep hiding day by day. The mind play games of strength letting you down numerous times. You are definitely not happy with yourself today, with your world, that’s why Love keeps hidden, and shows is there just enough to don’t be lost. How do you simplify this complexity? How do you keep your love of hiding?

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