An Apple in her world

apple apple tree branch close up
Photo by Pixabay on

I feel alone and inactive as an Apple in the Tree waiting for my time to fall. I’m the last Apple of the season. The wait is long and cold most time, but can be warm and sunny sometimes. I remember growing a while ago, at same time as all my sisters, full of live, bringing colour to the Tree, we were happy even in the hard windy days, but we wouldn’t let go, we stayed together… till now. All the Apples are gone now and I stayed behind, to tell the story, to be with the tree. One day, another day will be my time, time to fall and behind the Tree will stay, but she will not be alone as she as the leafs for a while. We didn’t see it, we thought “ we are the Apples the fruit of the Tree without us she’ll be alone”. But no, The Tree will have the Leafs to go through the wet and frozen days and even when they gone brown and leave the Tree, she will stay strong laying in her place, her world, till one day we will be all together once more.


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