Yesterday 16 of July it was our

first Photo-shoot as a couple, and also as Mum and Dad to be! we have been together for over 4 years now, and we live as if we were a married couple, without the struggle of a ceremony. So having a picture section would be a nice couple experience.

This all started with that calls that all of us avoid from companies offering offers. well something that usually i say NO and turn off the call, but at the time and maybe my babe brain is making me a lot more sociable, (as i’m already home waiting for my babe to pop out) i let her explain. So basically we had a FREE photo-shoot with make up and hair done, and 3 different scenarios and they would give us 3 printed pictures. We didn’t had any obligation of purchasing any pictures or packs, and with the booking we had to pay 50 deposit that would go back to you in the day or you could use it purchasing some pictures. It sounded really good actually, and i can not lie, the experience was absolutely incredible, everyone in the studio was really nice, very professional and we really enjoyed the experience. What we were not expecting was having pictures so beautifully made and the expensive prices of the packs. But we end up buying 4 pictures, and even that payment hurts a lot, i can’t regret the amazing afternoon we had, it was a lovely experience.

So i live here a really Thank you to Broadway Studios and for you that may get that call make sure you got some good money prepared as you gonna love most of the Pics.

And because we were in such a good mood we had to go have dinner to finish the amazing day!



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