Baby shower

36 weeks and… well baby shower, after a stressed week home sick with a Urin infection ( very commun in pregnancy apparently) and there was all this Baby Shower thing… Well as I grow up in Portugal and it wasn’t very poppular there I didn’t know anything about it. I end up looking for it in the internet trying to understand how it works as I only got to 1 in my 30 years of existence.

So I found that most of baby showers are a womens thing, were you do all this funny games talk about babies eat and drink! Seen quite beautiful things.  I do think that’s nice but actually I do have male friends and wouldn’t exclude them just because is a baby thing, so let’s do a family and friends party something with a baby theme but simple.

Let me tell you that working 5 days a week 13 pm to 10 pm, being with 35 weeks pregnant and trying to organise a party, is not easy. But thanks to my friends and family it worked… And it was really nice! The invites and gifts I did myself, as I love arts and crafts.

My friend made the cake and deserts, as amazing snacks. Also the father got himself some work at the grill. And it was an amazing day!

Check it out the amazing gift i got:





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