An Apple in her world

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I feel alone and inactive as an Apple in the Tree waiting for my time to fall. I’m the last Apple of the season. The wait is long and cold most time, but can be warm and sunny sometimes. I remember growing a while ago, at same time as all my sisters, full of live, bringing colour to the Tree, we were happy even in the hard windy days, but we wouldn’t let go, we stayed together… till now. All the Apples are gone now and I stayed behind, to tell the story, to be with the tree. One day, another day will be my time, time to fall and behind the Tree will stay, but she will not be alone as she as the leafs for a while. We didn’t see it, we thought “ we are the Apples the fruit of the Tree without us she’ll be alone”. But no, The Tree will have the Leafs to go through the wet and frozen days and even when they gone brown and leave the Tree, she will stay strong laying in her place, her world, till one day we will be all together once more.


Watch “Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey_#story mode The spear of Leonidas” on YouTube

As I feel I lost my word’s, or my passion for them, the words that come out without you to think, just a natural touch of feelings. Well I need to get inspired for it, and lately seems like no phrases come to me with sense so, I took myself into play mode and started with the Amazing new Assassin’s Creed. Check it out! Let me just tell you I got not much experience playing or even sharing! So live your comments see what I need to do better! Thanks!

Mamy Gamer signing out!


Yesterday 16 of July it was our

first Photo-shoot as a couple, and also as Mum and Dad to be! we have been together for over 4 years now, and we live as if we were a married couple, without the struggle of a ceremony. So having a picture section would be a nice couple experience.

This all started with that calls that all of us avoid from companies offering offers. well something that usually i say NO and turn off the call, but at the time and maybe my babe brain is making me a lot more sociable, (as i’m already home waiting for my babe to pop out) i let her explain. So basically we had a FREE photo-shoot with make up and hair done, and 3 different scenarios and they would give us 3 printed pictures. We didn’t had any obligation of purchasing any pictures or packs, and with the booking we had to pay 50 deposit that would go back to you in the day or you could use it purchasing some pictures. It sounded really good actually, and i can not lie, the experience was absolutely incredible, everyone in the studio was really nice, very professional and we really enjoyed the experience. What we were not expecting was having pictures so beautifully made and the expensive prices of the packs. But we end up buying 4 pictures, and even that payment hurts a lot, i can’t regret the amazing afternoon we had, it was a lovely experience.

So i live here a really Thank you to Broadway Studios and for you that may get that call make sure you got some good money prepared as you gonna love most of the Pics.

And because we were in such a good mood we had to go have dinner to finish the amazing day!


The first page

When I was young I would write… About my life, my feelings and the people around me, it helped to keep myself from mistakes, I would write especially when I was angry and hurt, pages of a mixture of feelings coming through an old pen faster than a train. Pages and pages that never no one read it, not even me.

Time passed and I kept on writing more when I moved to UK and became an immigrant, when I felt down, when there was no one to talk, when I missed my family, my life my country. Even when you create a family around you, when you meet friends for life, there is things that look better between lines, as this words.

Now I made this blog as I thought “what is the point of writing if is for no one to read?” So I decided to up my words out there, good or bad will be here in the world platform waiting for anyone to see.



This days I’ve been home… trying to make sure I have everything ready for my princess arrival! Got loads of presents from friend’s and family, but I still feel as there is some things missing,.

The true is i can’t really recognize what… but maybe is this feeling of not being prepared. Do i feel ready? I think I do but it still something missing, and I just don’t know what!

Baby shower

36 weeks and… well baby shower, after a stressed week home sick with a Urin infection ( very commun in pregnancy apparently) and there was all this Baby Shower thing… Well as I grow up in Portugal and it wasn’t very poppular there I didn’t know anything about it. I end up looking for it in the internet trying to understand how it works as I only got to 1 in my 30 years of existence.

So I found that most of baby showers are a womens thing, were you do all this funny games talk about babies eat and drink! Seen quite beautiful things.  I do think that’s nice but actually I do have male friends and wouldn’t exclude them just because is a baby thing, so let’s do a family and friends party something with a baby theme but simple.

Let me tell you that working 5 days a week 13 pm to 10 pm, being with 35 weeks pregnant and trying to organise a party, is not easy. But thanks to my friends and family it worked… And it was really nice! The invites and gifts I did myself, as I love arts and crafts.

My friend made the cake and deserts, as amazing snacks. Also the father got himself some work at the grill. And it was an amazing day!

Check it out the amazing gift i got:




A new chapter

Getting ready for a new arrival in the family.

Exciting and scary moments are here, I’m with 33 weeks now, I am not sure if my bag is completly ready with all we need, still a lot to go over with…. i am feeling as there is not much time left to prepare everything, also i am trying not to think about the labour as there is no point of get scared now, the time will come and we will be ready!


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